Separation of Government and Economics

We live in a society where we the people have accepted the idea that the government should be involved in economic affairs. Thus our government is intertwined in every aspect of our lives. There isn’t one moment in our day that we interact with something that wasn’t handle or directed in some form by the government. Nothing is out of their reach. Why do we take this assumption for granted?

Citizens, politicians, and economists of our time debate about the level of involvement that the government should take in our society. Most have accepted the assumption that our government’s should have a hand in our economic affairs. We should consider where this assumption has lead us. It has brought us to a place where government “regulators” are in bed with the corporations they supposedly police. Political campaigns are bought and paid for by established interests that desire only to keep their power. Lobbyists essentially write the laws of our countries. Our entire political system is infected with corruption and people who don’t consider anything but their own good. The government hands trillions of dollars worth of bailouts to massive corporate entities. They award special privileges to particular corporations in the form of tax-breaks, economic charters, and subsidies. All while indirectly controlling the price of goods and flow of capital by manipulating the amount of currency in circulation.

Granted all of this would be well and good if our government was headed by a benevolent, omnipotent dictator. Someone that could be completely trusted to rule justly and treated everyone fairly while pursuing the highest good for society. But that is a fantasy left to be told by mythology. The reality is we are ruled by humans. Beings with very limited knowledge and often times perverse motives. Therefore, why do we consolidate power to an ever shrinking group of people? Why do we place the fate of our future society into the hands of people who got the power by making empty promises or ridiculed their opponent most effectively? Why shouldn’t we distribute power across as many people as possible? Why shouldn’t every individual take up the responsibility of every choice they make? Why shouldn’t regulate our economy by the purchases we make? Why should we give off the necessity of thinking to a bureaucrat in some distant capital? They don’t have our good in mind, they have their good in mind. Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who give up their liberty for more security, deserve neither liberty nor security.” We have allowed the freedom to make our own economic decisions to be taken away from us. We live under the illusion that the people making those decisions for us have our interests in mind. News flash! They don’t. We must take back that freedom by taking up our responsibility to be informed citizens. We must stop pushing off the task of thinking and deciding to other people.

A Man’s Perspective on Beauty

So many times I’ve looked at you personified in the fairer sex.
So many times I gaze in wondrous awe of what you are.
The perfection despite imperfection, the symmetry despite the quirks, the light despite the darkness.
The effect you stimulate is addicting.
I crave it.
I need it.
I want it.
These desires so pure yet at times so perverse.
You’re organic,
Yet I only want you as the object I see in front of me. For the pleasure that this object brings me.
Why must I change you into this?
This static object that only feeds my parasitical needs.
You are so much more than this.
I must move beyond the parasite. To embrace this pure, unfettered desire to be captivated by beauty. The beauty that is changing, flowing, loving, personified in you.
My love.
My dear one.
My true darling.
My Woman.

Black and White

There is something rather magical about black and white pictures. They have a different character than color photos. I must admit that I don’t always like to look at them. Sometimes they are just not right for the moment. However, once in a while I come across a black and white photo that makes me just stare in awe. Here is part of my collection of black and whites. I hope you enjoy!












No I didn’t take any of these pictures and I’m not taking credit for them!


I don’t know about you but I LOVE mountains! They are one of my favorite features within nature. They are found on every continent on Earth. People view them as symbols of might, power, and stability. There is definitely an unique atmosphere that is in the mountains (in more ways than one). They produce a mindset of toughness and respect in the people who live near them. They are beautiful and majestic but yet dangerous and deadly. Enjoy these pictures that I have collected from my travels around the internet.            






I have not taken these photos nor do I take credit for them. I would credit the authors, if I knew who they were.


In current economic times many of us are needing to stretch our dollar even farther than we used to. So often times we have to cut certain things out of our budgets. One of the first things to go is often how much we give to charities or non-profits. Which is often fed by a cultural idea that somebody else will come along to help. However, I see a real danger is this type of thinking and action.

First of all, I think that we as humans have a real desire to see things improve. Everyone in some way seeks to improve their lives and surroundings. Whether that be through cleaning, inventing new things, giving advice, or whatever other numerous ways people contribute. When we give to a charity or non-profit we are feeding that desire to contribute to the improvement of society. We are personally investing in something that is actively bringing change to our society. By giving financially we transfer that time and labor that we invested in our job to that charity through the medium of currency. So by simply stroking a check, regardless of the amount, it is like being there working for the organization ourselves.

Second of all, by giving financially to the organization we cast a vote saying that we think this group matters. When we write that check we tell the workers within the charity that we believe in what they are doing. Furthermore, we are telling the rest of the world that whatever need this group is working on has to be addressed. When we give to a charity it allows them to keep their doors open longer. Which in turn advocates what they are doing. So donating is almost equivalent to going out and publicly demostrating about a particular issue. Finally, by donating and fighting that desire to put off the responsibility of addressing social issues. We are contributing to a culture of action. We are telling the world that things need to improve. That we believe they can improve and that we are willing to take action to see those improvements come into being. That no longer are we going to stand by on the sidelines and watch the world fall apart. We are going to invest our blood, sweat, and tears in things that matter. So next time you think about cutting the giving section of your budget, consider the effects it has beyond just your own life. By choosing to cut into the coffee budget instead you might just change the world for the better.


The Beauty of Sunsets

Sunsets are one of the most awe inspiring events that occur in nature. Even though sunsets are occurring constantly they are different and unique in every location. Tomorrow’s sunset will be different yet similar to today’s sunset. This blog  showcases some of the many beautiful photographs that have been taken of sunsets. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Please note that I did not take these pictures nor am I taking credit for any of them.

I would credit the photographers but I don’t know who they are.